Collection: Sponsor a Pet

Our organization is 100% volunteer based and every penny we raise through donations, fundraising, and adoption fees go right back to our animals. A great way to help if you aren't in the position to foster or adopt is by sponsoring a pet, sponsoring an adoption fee, or becoming a medical sponsor for some of our medical cases.

So what does sponsoring a pet mean. It just means you make a monthly contribution of $100 that goes to cover the cost of every day needs for one specific animal. This covers the cost of food, vitamins, preventatives, enrichment toys, training tools specifically for the animal. 

You can also choose to sponsor an adoption fee for a specific animal. This means you make a donation of up to $400 for a specific animal and when that pet is adopted, the contribution will be credited to the adoption fee for that pet.

Medical sponsors are needed for some of our dogs who will be long term or even permanent fosters due to their geriatric age or because of health problems that can be longer term commitments. If you are interested in being a medical sponsor for a dog, please contact me directly so I can discuss the needs and see which dog would be a good fit with your budget.

If you're a business owner, we would love for you to sponsor one of our amazing animals and hopefully let him/her come to visit to share their experience of being a part of your team. Also, we love to share how the community supports and would love to list the people/business that supports each animal on their profile. Check out our amazing animals who still need a sponsor of their very own while they wait for their forever home.