About Our Adoptable Pets

Once we bring an animal into our rescue they become our family. Each animal that comes in our care under goes a very thorough vetting process.

When an animal comes into our program, their temperaments, personalities, and ongoing care needs are evaluated for several weeks so that we can ensure they are placed in the right homes. We work to train, rehabilitate, and nurture them so they are ready for their forever families.


Dog adoption fee is $400, Cats are $150 (adopt 2 cats and the second is $100), regardless of age or breed. We are a 501(c)3 and solely operate off of the contributions we receive. Adoption fees go straight back into our program to allow us to rescue as many animals as possible and ensure they are all fully vetted and that their medical needs are met. 

We do our best to ensure animals are paired with the right family. This includes any temperament considerations as well as quality of life (for the pet) such as - kids, other animals in or around the home, and if there is a need for the animal to have a human more often than not. Some of our animals require an owner that has the time to invest - meaning they will not be left unattended for several hours. With this, we review each application and take all of the ANIMALS needs into consideration. 

If you see a pet you would like to foster or adopt, you can fill out an application at the appropriate link below. If you are interested in speaking to someone more about one of our available pets, contact us here and someone will be in touch with you. IF YOU OWN A DOG AND ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING A DOG, A MEET AND GREET IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO ADOPTION. 


View our available pets here 

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You can follow the link below to reach our donation platforms. All donations are tax deductible. If you need a separate receipt for your donation, please email admin@afreedomjourney.com and a formal receipt will be provided.

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