How can you help???

I get a lot of questions about ways to help. Let me list a few. Please PLEASE reach out if you are interested in helping in any of these ways.
📲 Sharing social media posts. Literally. It’s that easy. See a post? Share it. The more eyes on our posts, the more help we get and the higher chance of having dogs adopted. You can find us on facebook, instagram, and tiktok. You can find those links here on the website.
🚶🏻‍♀️ Walking dogs. You can come here and take dogs for walks any time. The dogs in boarding here would love that time out to explore with someone new! We have a beautiful and safe area to go for walks. Including a creek to explore!
🦮 Day dates. Come and take a dog out for the day. There are often local activities that are dog friendly, lots of places doggies can go, just spend a day with a dog and talk to people about that baby and the others we have in the program. Spoil a dog for a day. They love the one on one attention!!!
🎡 Adoption events. We always need hands at these events. People to walk dogs and help keep them moving so they don’t have to sit in kennels. This is always a fun time!!! Check our "events" page regularly to see where we will be. Just show up!!!
🚗 Transport. We often need help getting dogs to vet visits. If you can help in that area, it’s not often but sometimes needed.
💴 Monetary donations are always needed to help cover cost of basic care as well as vet bills. You can find our donation links here: Donate Here
🛍️ Donations like dog food, vitamins, leashes, collars, storage totes, sheets and blankets, harnesses, and many many other items are always welcome. Literally anything you might consider tossing out…fencing material, water troughs, kennels, crates…ask and we may be able to use it. You can order the dog food that we use directly at the following link. They will give you our rescue discount and it will be delivered directly to us! DONATE dog food HERE
🐾 Fosters. We always need fosters. Fosters play an important part because it helps prepare a dog to be a part of a family. The nurturing helps prepare them. The training. They get out of a boarding environment and become pets. The fosters can report to us the personalities of the dogs so we can find the right fit for them with their new families. As a foster, you provide the home and love, we take care of any financial aspect of raising the doggies. There’s nothing we won’t provide for them that would make them a happier, healthier, more well rounded doggo.
Lots of ways to help. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you set up.

Donate Here

You can follow the link below to reach our donation platforms. All donations are tax deductible. If you need a separate receipt for your donation, please email and a formal receipt will be provided.

Donate Here

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